Article: For Our Future Article (Click On).

For Our Future takes a look at the reality of reservation life as it meets the ideals of the Shoalwater Bay Constitution. It is the opening article for the project.

The Project: Articles, Information, and Participation.

The project (currently in the works) will look at the many obstacles the tribe faces in moving forward. For instance, tribal institutions designed to fulfill the Constitution have often focused on appearance over substance. In contrast, the generation of leaders who adopted the Constitution and our ancestors before them were able to look clear eyed at the obstacles they faced and develop what needed to happen.

Tribal ancestors and leaders created the Shoalwater Bay Constitution in a time of poverty, struggling institutions, and the need for healthy support systems and opportunity. To help change this the Constitution mapped out what was needed for the success, health, and wellbeing of tribal citizens. Above all they wanted to increase the likelihood of success through education and the maintenance of a healthy, peaceful, and supportive community, providing jobs, benefits, and opportunity.

Article: Elder Cliff Corwin and Chief George Allen Charley.

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