Frames taken from a WSP document by Mike Rogers and HR Jesse Smith. Proof that they used the Shoalwater Bay police department regulation manual. They later denied using it because it required that Tribal Council be informed immediately.

Much like policy for suspected fraud, Shoalwater Bay Police Regulations for claims of harassment are similarly concrete and well laid out. These policy statements are found in Shoalwater Bay Tribal Police Department regulations, 6.07.08 under the heading Verbal Abuse, Harassment.

Later when asked to explain why the administration did not follow the police regulations, HR and Mike Rogers claimed they chose one set of policies over the other and ignored regulations that were specifically designed (by Tribal Council) for the tribal police department. In opposition to their stated position, documented WSP evidence show that Rogers and HR Jesse Smith used regulation 6.07.08 as a crucial policy source to make their case for investigating Padgett.

This is significant because Shoalwater Bay Police Department directive 6.07.08 requires that, “Observations and actions shall be documented and referred to the Tribal Council.” In this case, Tribal Council would not be notified at all by the administration. The outside press caught wind of what had happened around the time that Council was alerted. Otherwise, Council as a body did not get the message until much later.