The General Council Event of August 2019 is very close. Holding the tribal administration and the leadership accountable extends beyond the actions of one or two people at the center of the scandal and bad press that resulted.

Members of General Council have an obligation to maintain accountability but also to have confidence that we are fully informed about what our government is up to and expect our leaders and administration to have a plan to help ensure that similar catastrophes will not occur in the future.

General Council provides a good opportunity for this and though the current General Council Agenda (like most earlier ones) gives little opportunity for Tribal Members to speak about what concerns us the most, especially during a time frame that prioritizes Tribal Member input during the meeting when our concerns can best be heard and addressed.

We all know the routine of getting pushed to the last minute and pressured to “wrap it up” when everyone is tired. To be informed and allowed to have well deserved confidence in the leadership and those we hire to run our businesses and services is one way to challenge the status quo and prevent disasters like the Internal Affairs debacle and contract that have harmed our tribe and people.