Membership: Shoalwater Bay Tribe Constitution

Shoalwater Bay Tribe. ARTICLE II – MEMBERSHIP

Section 1. Members. The membership of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe shall consist of:

  1. All persons whose names appear on the Membership Roll of the Tribe to be prepared as of the effective date of this Constitution. The Roll shall be approved by the Secretary of the Interior or his authorized representative;

  1. The following persons who have applied for and established membership in accordance with those procedures and requirements set forth pursuant to Section 2 of this Article:

  1. All children born to, or legally adopted by, any Tribal member on or before the effective date of this Constitution who are not on the officially approved Membership Roll of the Tribe;

  1. Any child born to a Tribal member after the effective date of this Constitution, provided however, that a child whose parent has been enrolled under Section 1 (b)(3) shall not be entitled to enrollment under this Constitution after the effective date of this Amendment to this Section. Nothing herein shall prevent each child of these Tribal members from independently applying for membership and establishing membership in accordance with the procedures and requirements of this Constitution if they are entitled to enrollment.

  1. All other persons of one-quarter (1/4) degree or more Indian blood enrolled into the Tribe by, and at the sole discretion of, the General Council.

  1. All persons whose names appear on the Official Voters List which was prepared for the purpose of voting in the election in which the residents of the Shoalwater Bay Reservation rejected the provisions of the Indian Reorganization Act of June 18, 1934 (48 Stat. 984 et. seq.) and their direct descendants; and the brothers and sisters of those persons whose names appear on the official voters list and their direct descendants.

Section 2. Enrollment. The Tribal Council shall have the power:

(a) To enact ordinances governing enrollment, disenrollment, and maintenance and correction of the Tribal Roll; provided, however, that no ordinance herein shall be effective until approved by the General Council, and that no person shall be enrolled as a member of the Tribe under Section 1 (b)(3) of this Article until the General Council has approved such enrollment by a majority vote, and provided, further, that the ordinance setting forth procedures for disenrollment shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior or his authorized representative;

(b) To correct the original or current Tribal Roll at any time by adding the names of persons who should have been included or by deleting the names of persons who have relinquished their Tribal Membership or who were incorrectly included on the Roll; provided, that disenrollment shall be in line with the provisions of the ordinance governing that action, enacted pursuant to Section 2 (a) of this Article.

Section 3. Dual Enrollment Prohibited. No person who is an enrolled member of another Tribe or band of Indians or Alaskan Natives shall, at the same time, be a member of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe.


Shoalwater Bay Tribe Disclaimer: The main body of the text of the constitution is provided for scholarship, educational, and informational purposes only, for your convenience. An official version of the constitution may be obtained by contacting the Shoalwater Bay Tribe directly; the below link, from the tribe's website, is also included for your convenience. Shoalwater Bay Constitution.

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