Council: Shoalwater Bay Tribe Constitution


Section 1. Composition of the Tribal Council. The Shoalwater Bay Tribal Council shall consist of five (5) members duly elected to serve staggered terms of two (2) years each as provided in Article V, Section 1 (g). The Tribal Council shall include a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Member-at-Large.

Section 2. Regular Meetings. The Tribal Council shall meet at least once a month at a designated regularly scheduled time. The Council may set additional meetings as necessary. Such additional meetings may be called by either the Chairperson or by any three (3) Council members; provided, however, that persons calling such meeting shall post the schedule of those additional meetings. Any meeting additional to the designated regular monthly meeting shall be preceded by actual notice to all persons on the Council. A quorum of the Tribal Council shall be three (3) members.

Section 3. Emergency Meetings. Emergency meetings of the Tribal Council may be called by either the Chairperson or by any three (3) Council members. The persons calling such meetings shall make reasonable efforts to provide notice of the meetings to every Council member and to the Tribal Membership.


Shoalwater Bay Tribe Disclaimer: The main body of the text of the constitution is provided for scholarship, educational, and informational purposes only, for your convenience. An official version of the constitution may be obtained by contacting the Shoalwater Bay Tribe directly; the below link, from the tribe's website, is also included for your convenience. Shoalwater Bay Constitution.

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