Shoalwater Bay Tribal Council





Jennifer Taylor, Vice Chair for the Shoalwater Bay Tribe, was born at the tail end of the Seventies, in the last month of the year. A student of Lancaster High School, Jennifer went on to attend Grays Harbor College. After moving to California she met spouse Michael Taylor. Following her 2004 marriage, Jennifer returned to her homeland, where she developed a strong vision for our tribal children and the future of the tribe. An advocate for education, Jennifer serves as Education Coordinator, where she plans and organizes the tribe's teaching programming, as well as managing scholarships for our tribal children and young people, both on and off the reservation. Jennifer strongly supports cultural education, tribal reach, community togetherness, and inter-tribal relationships.






Joel Blake has served as Treasurer, and before that, Member at Large on the Shoalwater Bay Tribal Council. He lives on the reservation with his wife, Justine, and their children. Formerly, Joel worked to enhance emergency disaster preparedness for the tribe, something very essential for people living on the bay of the Pacific Ocean. Currently, he manages the housing needs for the Shoalwater Bay Tribe as Housing Director. As a council member Joel has followed a policy to “examine all possibilities and advocate for what is in the Tribe’s best interest.” He believes in “improving communication between Tribal Council and the General Council constituency,” with an emphasis on increased accountability and transparency, qualities of leadership that go hand in hand with an informed and active tribal membership. Joel believes in Tribal Sovereignty, utilizing our natural resources, expanding education funding, and creating opportunities for tribal members.




Lynn Clark has served as Shoalwater Bay Tribal Secretary for nearly thirty years and has come to be known as a powerful voice for issues she feels strongly about. She was present at and took an active leadership role during many defining events that deeply impacted Shoalwater Bay people, including the Infant Mortality crisis of the late eighties and early nineties, the building of the gym, housing, duplexes, library, clinic, and numerous other expansion projects. In this way, Lynn watched and helped build the infrastructure of the Shoalwater Bay Tribe. As Lynn noted, “General Council gives direction. We follow.” Lynn has two sons, Richie and Quintin. As Lynn said in her 2014 election letter, “My heart is in Shoalwater Bay.”






Charlene Nelson has served as Chairperson for over ten years, representing the Shoalwater Bay Tribe on many occasions including speaking in Washington D.C. on behalf of the tribe. Early in life, Charlene spent time in the wilds of Alaska, making a living in the professions of teacher's aid and fishing industry worker. Much later she transitioned into a teaching position and bible preacher as well. After retirement, she busied herself by entering tribal politics in her newly adopted home near the Shoalwater Bay Tribe. As she noted in her 2016 letter to the general constituency, Charlene strongly believes in “the health and safety of our Tribal family.” In this way, Charlene has developed a strong vision for the future of the tribe. Additionally, her tenure has been noted for its uneven but important enhancement of the Tribe's business interests, with a recent positive uptake in financial solvency. Notably, during this time she has worked to maintain a powerful focus on sustainability, land acquisition and beach preservation. “We borrow all the land from our children,” Charlene once noted. As to working inter-tribally with the local community, the State, and the Federal Government, Charlene said, “I still believe in those relationships.”






Dennis Julnes has served the tribe as Member At Large for the last four years. Drawing heavily on his experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Dennis has a strong interest in tribal financial matters. Family health and positive dynamics is another focus for him. Said Dennis, “Family is everything. Our tribe is a family.” On the business end, Dennis has spent the last years focusing on taking concrete steps to improve our Casino, making it a more enjoyable experience for our customers. Dennis also believes in increasing our homelands. His intention is to build sustainable infrastructure to help tribal and community members as the sea continues to erode along the reservation line. His goals as a Council Member is to “monitor and set appropriate policies for Shoalwater activities, provide our children with scholarship opportunities, and ensure Elder’s Shoalwater pension security.” According to a fellow Council member, “Dennis understands the need to care for our Tribal family and our lands.”