Nina Rescues Arabian Horse: Part One.

Vivian: The time that you are at school. Oh, colt, yeah the horse, that had the spike in his foot.

Nina: Oh yes I remember. I told this story about seven years ago down at Kindred's Hotel (also the Tokeland Hotel) and one man remembered, one old man remembered. He says, "I remember."

Vivian: Wonderful.

Nina: Old an old man.

Vivian: Now you were at school right? Can you start from the very beginning?

Nina: I came home from school but I was on a vacation.

Vivian: Oh I thought they sent a message for you down at school.

Nina: No, I was home and on a vacation. I said I'd visit my sister, she lives in Bay Center, she's married to Johnson George, my sister Elizabeth. 

And she said, "I'd like to have you come over and spend a few days with me." And, so I went over 

there . . . fifty cents to go, they had a boat they called Shamrock.

Vivian: I've heard of it.

Nina: And we used to get in the boat and go to Bay Center for fifty cents. They lived way up on a hill. Finally, I was there for just two days.

Finally, there was a little boy come over, he said, ah, “I come over from Tom Olson.” Tom Olsen had a store. “You had a phone call,” he says.

They called it a emergency call. I said, “well, what in the heck is an emergency?" Ah, “is it bad news?”

He said, “no . . . he didn't say what.” He said, “it's a emergency.” And so we read the, we read the, Tom Olson's handwriting, great big ol' ugly handwriting. He's a big Swede. And, it had, EMERGENCY. I don't know how he had it spelled, whether it was right or it was wrong. But emergency, “from YOUR DAD.”

Okay, well I said, “my dad wouldn't send for me unless it was an emergency.”

And my sister said, “well we better hurry up, they said that, that the boat gets here at noon and here it is 11:30.” Well we rushed around, so, we rushed down and . . .

There was an old man they called Capt. Reed he was a captain of the boat, he said, “your fare is all paid. Mr. kindred paid your fare.”

I said, “well I can't understand.”

He said, “well, they want you home, that's all I know, I couldn't tell you anything, that's all I know, they want you at home.

I said, “well, it must be an emergency,” I said, “because I been here for only two days and they sent for me back.”


by V. Keven Shipman