Native Trade Highway

The Trade Highway Project

The Northwest Coast Native Trade Highway is an ongoing project (now in the very early stages) that is focused on the various tribes along the Pacific Coast and the Columbia River environs: the super highways of native trade and interaction.


Region's Lingua Franca

To facilitate this activity a lingua franca was developed and used by many of the peoples who lived within the area—also adopted by military and civilian settlers of French, British, and American ancestry who came later. The intense trade and interaction of the many cultures was often facilitated by Chinook jargon, which, in-turn, had a huge impact on the life and cultures of the Northwest Coast region and far into the interior.


Canoe Journey Heritage Connection

Canoe Journey activities-currently being practiced by Northwest Coastal and interior tribes as well-are a strong reflection of the interaction of the Natives peoples of the region. It is a connection based on this long historical and cultural practice, of travel, trade, and intermarriage; this connection with the past, with a focus on cultural and spiritual renewal, is built upon this strong connection with the life, culture, and practices of our ancestors.


The Northwest Coast Native Map

On the Northwest Coast Native Map (see Home page) hover over any of the headings on the map and click to see the update. Currently, most titles have a graphic attached. Expanded information about the history, language, culture, lands, and other key content is forthcoming.