Northwest Native Culture-History

Native Trade Highway Project

The Northwest Coast Native Trade Highway is an ongoing project (now in the very early stages) that is focused on the various tribes along the Pacific Coast and the Columbia River environs: the super highways of native trade and interaction.

Nina Rescues Arabian Horse: Part One.

Vivian: The time that you are at school. Oh, colt, yeah the horse, that had the spike in his foot. Nina: Oh yes I remember. I told this story about seven years ago down at Kindred’s Hotel (also the Tokeland Hotel) and one man remembered, one old man remembered. He says, “I remember.” Vivian: […]

2. NW Coast Described by Swan in the 1850’s.

Charles J. W. Russell’s Home on the Shoalwater Bay It was in the fall of 1852 that Shoalwater Bay (near the present day Shoalwater Bay Tribe) settler-resident Charles Russell invited James G. Swan to visit the Bay. Swan traveled by ocean from San Francisco along the Oregon Coast past the […]

Salmon Fishing on the Coast in the 1850s

by James G. Swan As we had brought up barrels and salt from San Francisco for salmon, it was proposed by Russell that we should go out on a fishing expedition, although the season was very far advanced, and the fish had nearly done running for that year. Accordingly, he […]

1. James Swan’s Voyage to the NW Coast

In some of his writing James G. Swan tended to cast Native groups in the broad stereotypes of his time, as thieves, murders, drunks, savages and heathen. Themes very consistent with American history and culture of the time. So ingrained were these views Swan had a difficult time thinking of Native […]

Honoring Our Warriors

For prominent Shoalwater Bay tribal elder Patricia Bumgarner Sanchez, welcoming the canoe families ashore means everything. Born in Tahola in 1932, she remembers being a child on the very beach where the pullers land, having completed their journeys, some from as far as New Zealand and Hawaii. As a child, Patricia […]