Honoring Our Tribal Elders

Shoalwater Bay Tribal Elder Patsy Sanchez

Birthday: 11/14/1932 Birth place: Tahola, Washington Interesting Fact: Belongs to the 1911 Shaker Church Favorite Color: Blue Children: Eight Wisdom for Tribal Children: “Find rejuvenation in the wisdom of the Elders. There’s such a thing as chance or choice. You have a choice to do what’s right, or the chance […]

Chinook Elder Cliff Corwin and Coastal Heritage

It’s the third-to-last day of protocol, and Tribal Journeys is coming to a close. Kopa Tillikum, an independent news team from Shoalwater Bay consisting of Keven Shipman, Misty Ellingburg, and Brandt Ellingburg, are assisting in media for the Quinault nation, which largely consists of drinking lots of coffee, partaking of […]

Tribal Elder Elizabeth “Libby” Shipman

 Quick Facts: Birthdate: 8/20/40 Birth place: Tahola, WA. Interesting Fact: Was Tribal Chairperson around 1985-86 Favorite Color: A combination of red and orange. Pets: Three dogs and five cats. Wisdom for the Children: “Stick together and care for one another. Get a good education, come back here, and do good.” […]

Tribal Elder George Johnson 1918-2013

 “Elders” by Georgia Fryback Elders: strong, silent, listening. They see; as we struggle to grow, seek wisdom, become them. We honor and cherish the old ones as they show us the way. Birth date: May 26th, 1918. Birthplace: Raymond, Washington. Favorite Color: Green. “I like the green trees and the […]

Tribal Elder Anita Couture 1933-2013

Anita Couture, formerly Anita Shipman, is one of the eldest members of the Shoalwater Bay Tribe. She lives in a nursing home now, in a decorated room near Raymond, where photographs of her family line all of the walls, and her colorful and emphatic artwork decorates most surfaces. Anita’s artwork is […]

Tribal Elder Lee Shipman

  Leatta “Lee” Shipman Birthday: 1/12/1946 Favorite Color: Reddish Maroon. Pets: One cat named Target. Wisdom for the Children: “The best thing is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Try things. And have faith. That’s my biggest thing: I believe in God and I trust him and […]