Canoe Journey

Chinook Elder Cliff Corwin and Coastal Heritage

It’s the third-to-last day of protocol, and Tribal Journeys is coming to a close. Kopa Tillikum, an independent news team from Shoalwater Bay consisting of Keven Shipman, Misty Ellingburg, and Brandt Ellingburg, are assisting in media for the Quinault nation, which largely consists of drinking lots of coffee, partaking of […]

Honoring Our Warriors

For prominent Shoalwater Bay tribal elder Patricia Bumgarner Sanchez, welcoming the canoe families ashore means everything. Born in Tahola in 1932, she remembers being a child on the very beach where the pullers land, having completed their journeys, some from as far as New Zealand and Hawaii. As a child, Patricia […]

The Heart of Our Home Territory

Seventy-two year old Gary Johnson, former chair of the Chinook Tribe, stands with me on the mouth of the Columbia River, the wind blowing so hard we have to nearly shout to hear each other. His hair is white, cut short around his temples, and his voice is strong and […]

Raising Our Canoe

  Raising Our Canoe for my grandpa, dad, and brother   Dear Dad: I wish you could’ve been here as the waves swept across the shore and the sound of warriors singing was louder than before, and the ocean was our blanket and heaven was our roof, when the waters […]