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Wickaninnish by Joe David / Preston Singletary, Collaboration
Red Paddle
Killer Whale Mask by Preston Singletary made out of glass
Medicine Game Premieres September 24 on Public Television - Native News Network this was rather then war everthing in native american life was rel
N8V Pride
Unknown Artist (americano, Haida, siglo 19), Máscara, nd Joslyn Art Museum
That's some fancy bead work
Valley Journal: Group forms against tribal corruption
Rod Smith and Steve Smith Painted Yellow Cedar Steering Paddle: The Guide
Copper Mask from Northwest Coast (Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)
Native American Teens: Who We Are
Up Heartbreak Hill – PBS Documentary
"We Are Still Here" --- A Documentary on Today's Young Native Americans
Transformation mask ~ North West Native American
"Maskmaker" - Lyle Campbell creating a masterpiece in the Carving Shed at Kaay Llnagaay. Haida Cultural Centre at Kaay Linagaay, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), BC, Canada. All Rights Reserved © 2008 Larissa Sayer
Preston Singletary and Dante Marioni--A collaboration - Blue Rain Gallery / Santa Fe New Mexico
Preston Singletary at the Traver Gallery
Inuit Gallery of Vancouver - Specializing in Inuit art, Northwest Coast art, Native Indian art, Canadian aboriginal art.
Driftwood art
Haida chest of cedar--Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver
Idle No More!
Pacific Northwest Indian Art | Carved from red cedar with acrylic paint and varathane - all Canadian ...
Native American Indian artist, David Neel, Kwakiutl.
Stephen Hunt ( Kwakwaka'wakw ) - Thunderbird Paddle

The Shoalwater Bay Tribe is a Sovereign Nation in Western Washington, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Descended from welcoming, resourceful, and fiercely determined ancestors, the Shoalwater Bay People strive to combine the cultural aspects of our heritage with challenges of the modern world to build a better environment for our children.